2 in 2 Event – Broome

There is nothing like a bit of pressure to get the creative juices flowing. The brief: Shoot a photo story in 48 hours or a 2-minute film in 2 days. Photo Stories teamed up with Mud and Salt Water Short Film Fest for this event. Participants were briefed Friday evening and they hit the ground running Saturday morning. Emily Cole went behind the scenes of two camel companies photographing the camels preparing for their iconic cable beach ride. Joanna Cyrupa spent the day at the beach with her dog and boyfriend showing us sun, surf and doggie vibes. Georgie Barnes also spent a day at the beach with her dog but photographed and edited her entire photo story on her iPhone. Yolande Russell photographed an atmospheric story of a potter at work and Kandy Curran thought outside the box taking creative photos of feet to represent the six aboriginal seasons.

All photo stories were submitted by 4pm sunday and were screened at Matso’s Brewery at 6pm. The event was a HUGE success. When you attend a workshop there is no better way to get momentum then to apply what you have learned immediately. Well done team!


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