Broome Workshop

A bird’s eye view of the Kimberley’s pindan dirt was all I needed to get inspired. I landed in Broome with my suitcase packed full of workshop goodie bags, camera gear coming out of my ears and my runnings shoes on, literally. Back-to-back meetings to catch up with all the wonderful people I had been talking to over the phone, including local personality Bart Pigram. He agreed to let me photograph a personal side to him that people don’t usually see. I was going to meet at his home at 7.15am the following morning to photograph the morning walk to school. Simple and ‘every day’ but that’s what is all about, showing the everyday in a beautiful way. I then met him on sunset to photograph his tour to the dinosaur footprints. He also took me to his private hunting ground to go mud crabbing. When people let you into their world it is such a privilege.

The Broome workshop was a great evening. We removed all the tables from the conference room at the Community Resource center and crammed it full of chairs. Everyone left feeling inspired and ready to try something new.

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