Our Photo Stories

Option 1 – Our PhotoStories Workshop

Put into practice what you have learned and also learn while you do it


Our PhotoStories Workshop is a traveling photography workshop which teaches rural communities and photography enthusiasts how to create a photo-story using the cameras and devices available to them. Our PhotoStories begins with a three-hour workshop which defines what a photo-story is, gives examples and explains what type of images are needed to create a visual story.



By creating a photo-story participants learn different photography skills such as portraiture, capturing action, wide-angle and close-up photos. Participants then have the challenge of photographing their own photo-story. Throughout the photography project, guidance, feedback, and inspiration are given online and the end result is an online slideshow presentation. Our PhotoStories is about putting to practice what you learn but more importantly learning while you do it and being part of a creative project with an end result.

Option 2 – Photo Stories Workshop and Community Exhibition

Bringing rural community together through the power of photography and storytelling


Our PhotoStories Workshop and Community Exhibition is an immersive photography experience for rural communities. After attending a Photo Stories Workshop your community will be encouraged to put to practice what they learn using the cameras and devices available to them.


No experience? No problem. We teach you how to look at your backyard through new eyes and use your camera or smartphone to capture memorable images that tell a story.


Throughout the photography project, guidance, feedback, and inspiration are given online and the end result is a community exhibition and multimedia presentation. Community stories photographed by the locals themselves.

Why Participate?

  • There is much more to photography than the technical functions of your camera. Take the focus off the technical and onto the content of your images. Capture atmosphere and real emotion and transform your photography.
  • By creating a photo-story you will learn different photography skills such a portraiture, capturing action, close-up detail, storytelling plus learn how to edit and order your images for greatest visual impact.
  • Create a photo-story to vividly capture events in your life or to take your customers behind the scenes of your business or simply just to learn a new skill.
  • Guidance and inspiration are given throughout the project so the learning experience is interactive with both face to face and online communications.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their images online so they can engage and learn from each other.
  • The outcome for this project is a creative community building project for amateur photographers.
  • Community members of all ages coming together to learn about photography and ultimately share their visual stories.
  • Push the boundaries of your photography skills and experience.
  • No prior photography experience is necessary and participants are urged to use the cameras and devices that are readily available to them including their smartphones. This project is all about ‘learning while doing’ and being part of a creative community project with an end result.


Please contact Astrid for a quote
$80 per person+ Three-hour workshop presentation

+ Workshop shot list and printables

+ Themed Photowalk

+ Conclusion and feedback
Learn how to create a photo-story.
Be inspired to create one yourself.
Our PhotoStories
Please contact Astrid
for a quote
+ 3-hour Workshop Presentation
+ School Workshop
+ Themed Photo Walk
+ Individual Mentoring
+ Editing and Ordering Workshop
+ Community Screening

This project is held over 4 days
An immersive photography and multimedia project for your community. All ages and abilitiesOur PhotoStories
Workshop series
and Community


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